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Debug, Troubleshoot, Secure
Cloud-Native Microservices


Trace distributed transactions

Understand and manage the aggregate set of distributed services an application consumes down to the line level of the runtime code for every local service, serverless or container-based applications.


Visibility through modern cloud architectures - FaaS, Containers, and VMs

Transition safely and efficiently to modern architectures and operating models with end-to-end visibility and management for containerized, VM, and FaaS applications.

Automate Security Operations and Compliance Controls

Create and deploy the white list and blacklist templates for application security and compliance. Get alerted and stay safe and secure with automated actions.

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Local and Remote Debugging for Cloud Apps

Initiate remote debugging sessions from an IDE using Thundra to pass debugging streams from cloud-native runtime environments to local IDE for faster debugging. Step over each line of the code after the execution and track the values of the local variables.

Identify and Resolve Performance and Security Anomalies

Quickly pinpoint performance bottlenecks by outlier analysis and auto-detect security anomalies with automatic black-listing of anomalies.

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AI-Driven Insights and Anomaly Detection for Cost, Health and Performance

Discover discrepancies in your applications even if you didn't set up an alert with active anomaly detection on the most used metrics. Understand the route cause of unexpected cost, and health spikes with AI-driven analysis.

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Debug, Monitor, Troubleshoot, Secure Any Application Fast.

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