Debug any application from your IDE remotely
Modern microservices rely on services provided by cloud vendors or 3rd party dependencies. It's hard to mimic the production environment when developing distributed applications on cloud. Thundra Sidekick is a remote debugger that lets you debug your distributed applications from your IDE.
How does Thundra Sidekick work?
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Set Tracepoint
Tracepoint is a non-breaking breakpoint integrated with Thundra's distributed technology. Set tracepoints from the comfort of your IDE. Catch only relevant events with conditional tracepoints.
Automated Security Guardrails for modern apps
Take the Snapshot
When the code execution hits the tracepoint, Thundra Sidekick takes a snapshot of the variables and the call stack. Just like the code pauses in the breakpoint but it actually doesn't. All valuable data is retrieved with no performance overhead.
Complete Visibility by Distributed Tracing
Thundra Sidekick connects the several tracepoints in the same distributed transaction by using our novel distributed tracing technology. Developers are able to understand the flow in the application by navigating between snapshots of the same transaction.
Fix & Reload
When you know what fixes the problem, you normally fix the code, build and deploy the new version. Thundra Sidekick allows developers to reload the code in remote environment without re-deploying the application. This means huge amount of time saved!